Fire Sign and Notice Board

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This Notice board is a cellular connect remote board with solar capability. It shows messages related to Fire Services, Advertisements or anything required using High Visibility LED's and works day and night.

It has battery backup to allow it to work overcast day or night and is recharged by a solar panel mounted on top.

The Top of the sign has a Fire Danger Level Meter to indicate levels of fire danger and Below that has a pair of LED Dot Matrix displays. The first usually used to indicate additional Fire Level information, like "Light No Fires", "Permits only" etc.

Then the second LED Dot Matrix display can show, various messages like "Town Meetings Tonight", "Conserve water" etc.

All controlled from a cloud based server, allows you to update each sign individually, according to the needs of the region.

An optional Weather and Fire detection system can be added that can feed back real  time weather information and local Fire detection to allow advanced warning.

Note: This is a Kit unit and will only be supplied with the solar panel and Central display box. The Mounting frame is not included and must be supplied.