FeatherWing Lipo Solar Charger - with Current Sense

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This FeatherWings allows you to connect a, upto 24v, Solar panel to power a load and recharge a 4.2v Lipo cell, to power whatever remote project, where off grid is required.

The FeatherWing includes two Current Sense INA169 based I2C chips that allow you to monitor Solar and Battery Voltage and current, so you can monitor both amount of Solar power being generated and Battery consumption.

The Solar charger is a full Lipo charger and will charge your Lipo upto 80% of total capacity (80% total is to increase the longevity of your Lipo battery).

There is no cell over or under voltage protection, so it is advised to get a battery pack with this feature built in.

When the USB power line is active the charger will disable automatically so that you don't overload the system.

NOTE: There is no polarity protection. So careful attention needs to be made when connecting the Solar and Battery. Use a keyed connector to protect from accidental reverse polarity.

This comes as a kit and needs the connectors to be soldered, if required. There is an optional pre-soldered version if needed.