Remote Monitoring System

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 This is a cellular based remote monitor system that can be attached to a set of sensors to monitor a variety of Objects, items or systems and send the data to a central cloud based server for collation and processing.

With built in Solar and battery, the system is capable of monitoring indefinably while there is sun to recharge the battery. It has been designed to self monitor it's battery state and adapt accordingly to maximize battery life and system requirements.

The system can be attached to multiple sensors that use the standard 4-20mA industrial current based sensing at 24v.

Optional Weather and Fire detection system can be added to the system and all the data is sent back to a centralized cloud based server for usage by an operator to determine how best to act on the collated data.

The cellular base monitor is backed up by a Lora radio network so that should the monitor be put in a low to no cell available area, then the system can use the Lora radio network to send packets of information to other Remote Monitoring system and work as a meshed network to piggy back the information for a far greater range (Optional addon).

Each unit has a built in accelerometer for movement detection, so that if a unit is tampered with then the Central server is immediately notified.